Friday, July 29, 2011

Bathroom Re-Do

WHOA, 2 kids! I feel tangled in knots most days, which is why this blog is oh-so-sparse. Yesterday my little Noah (now 9 weeks) did not sleep from the hours of noon to 10 pm, except for a couple cat naps. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? HOW IS HE EVEN STILL ALIVE? I realize now that it was just too busy a day overall and I need to slooooow down. Anyway, between all the madness, I've had a few moments here and there to redecorate my sad bathroom.

Remember my bathroom inspiration post with all that black and white? Well, I finally made it happen. 

Here are the grotesque before shots. Don't you love those sexy Hollywood dressing room lights? Blech. (That's me trying to get the boy to sleep. Come on, Noah! You can do it! [No, no he can't.])

And I would love to get rid of that door, but my landlord said no. Booo. Wait, I have a better idea: let's tear the whole bathroom down and start over again. But, it is what it is, and we will refer to all the quirks in our apartment as "charming."

 So, here it is. I added the chair decals that Cyndi got me for Christmas. (Thanks, Cyndi!)
I put new paper in this Ikea frame I've had forever. (Isn't that the most CHARMING unnecessary hook right there?)

 I painted this once-blue earring holder black and kept the white in the middle.

I talked more about doing this in my Jewelry as Decor post. It's an old picture frame with some wire strung from end to end.

You'll notice the little cupcake plate-turned-jewelry-holder that I mentioned in the same post.

Here are the chair decals again. I think you got them from Target, right Cyndi? These decals could be easily taken up a notch by framing them with white mats and classy, thin, black frames. 


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