Thursday, September 23, 2010

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves...

Welcome to InCircle Interiors! We are so excited to launch our new design business beginning with this blog and we can't wait to become fast friends! InCircle Interiors began in the minds of two gals who enjoyed talking design at the beach and by the pool in sunny Southern California. After talking and talking and talking and thinking and comparing, those two gals decided to help each other fulfill one another's dreams by opening an online interior design firm that had the potential to reach the masses. Thank you Interwebs! This is a new kind of design firm. One that works with you, your schedule, your interests. With plenty of input from you, we put together the home of your dreams. All over the internet. More on that later. First, the two ladies behind InCircle Interiors.
Martha Ware

With a background in PR and writing, Martha’s creativity formerly exhibited itself in the written word. Which led to writing a blog. Which led to browsing other people’s blogs. Which led to a discovery of design blogs. Which awakened a new craving within … a craving only satisfied by adding color and personality to her home. She got to work creating a few original pieces that doubled as organizers – Anthropologie knobs affixed to thrift store cutting boards turned into places for keys and aprons to hang out. She framed favorite poems and epistles, enlarged and hung the family photos that were collecting virtual dust on her hard drive. In transforming a house into a home replete with original, meaningful, happy items, she discovered a knack for creating modern, welcoming spaces. A self-described homebody, Martha believes in the power of a home to heal or hinder. When she’s not getting her domestic design on, she enjoys running, reading, all things social media, talking to her husband on long car rides and squeezing her 1-year-old daughter’s cheeks.

Cynthia Broadhead

For Cynthia, interior design is just part of her genetic makeup. As a child, she switched rooms, rearranged furniture, and created new design themes more times than is healthy. She dabbled in pottery making, furniture building and was the only female known to man who actually enjoyed high school metal shop. She took her creative zeal to the next level in college where she studied architecture, landscape design and received a degree in interior design. And in case that doesn’t label her enough as an artist, she has been known to take the musical theatre stage by storm. Cynthia is the resident handy woman and idea girl. You need a fix-it person, a crafty idea, or a party plan? Cynthia at your service.  What about lyrics to a Broadway play? Done. Before becoming a mom, Cynthia worked at top design firms in Utah where she further honed her innate skills as a hands-on designer. She believes in being friendly to the environment and loves incorporating “green” products into her designs.  Her free time is spent introducing her 1-year-old son to all the wonders of the world, crafting it up with other mom-friends, and making everyone's house smell good as a Scentsy candles consultant.

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