Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Tape

A little happy something is brightening my life at the moment: Happy Tape.
Have you heard of this stuff? It's Japanese-inspired masking tape and it's sooooo fun. I want every single color.
It won't permanently stick to anything, just like masking tape. You can rip it with your fingers and that resulting rough edge just makes it more fun to me. Who knew tape could be so fun? Fun, fun, fun.

I got the striped set.

I like the preppy little touch these stripes add to photos, lists, wrapped gifts, and I even used it to put an "S" (for a lady named Sonya) on a gift bag when I forgot to get a card. I have also used it in my kids' baby books to stick in photos. I would otherwise use photo corners, but I love the playful style of the tape.

It's the small things.

P.S. Speaking of small things, Mr. Noah is 12 weeks old today!


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