Monday, October 10, 2011

Glitter Art

I'm dying that Home By Novogratz is not on Hulu but I was able to catch a few episodes at my sister's house recently. Another thing I was dying over (in a good way)? The glitter art in one of their episodes. I kept hitting my sister in the arm and gasping, "Heather! Glitter art! Heather! Glitter art!" I don't know why I thought it was so genius ... I think it is the scale of the art. Each piece is quite H-U-G-E. It's done by Camomile Hixon and was featured in a home staging done by the Novogratz's, as seen below.

 {3 above images from here}

{2 images above from her gallery}

Are you as stunned by this large glitter art as me? Or are you like, "Puhlease. Glitter is so 2nd grade!"


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